The big question is, how do we position this material as a contemporary material, one that aligns with our contemporary sensibilities? That is a design challenge.” The house is made of 3D-printed coils of adobe in three round areas comprising a sleeping chamber, a bathing room and a sitting area with a fireplace. The project has already won a 2020 Art + Technology Lab Grant from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The designers created a low-cost and portable robot, that was moved to the ranch where local soils are harvested and used immediately to 3D print large scale structures. (Provided by Rael San Fratello) Part of the team’s Mud Frontiers series, “Casa Covida” is a work in progress, “exploring robotic additive manufacturing,” using local soil near the Colorado/New Mexico border. Everything in the borderlands is about fusion — language, food, music, belief systems — Rael notes in the video. “We’re thinking about how technology and tradition come together to make new forms of architecture,” he says. 3D printing adobe is just the latest hybrid. The video is fascinating, complete with demonstrations of the software and portable printer that allow the company to make pottery, which San Fratello shows off in the nearby studio, and the larger, livable structures on Rael’s ancestral land near Antonito. Rael, CEO and co-founder of Emerging Objects, is professor of architecture at the University of California Berkeley. San Fratello is chief creative officer and co-founder of the company, and associate professor of design at San Jose State University.


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This would make sense considering the maritime skill sets of the Marine Raiders and the kinds of missions that Taiwan’s Marines, as well as its own maritime special operations forces, could be called upon to perform during a conflict with China. As we noted earlier, the U.S. military is known to send troops from various branches, including other special operations units, to Taiwan for joint training, but it is rare for these engagements to be publicized in any way. Prime examples include the regular iterations of Exercise Balance Tamper, a so-called Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) event that sees U.S. Army Special Forces working alongside Republic of China Army Aviation elements and Taiwan’s Special Forces Command.  A rare video from the U.S. Army’s 1st Special Forces Group that briefly appeared earlier this year showed Green Berets training on Taiwan during a recent Balance Tamper exercise. The maneuvers apparently also involved a Republic of China Army special operations unit, the 101st Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion, also known as the Sea Dragon Frogmen. You can read more about that whole episode in this previous War Zone story , which was published before the video was removed. MARSOC operators during a training exercise.  These latest maneuvers in Taiwan involving the Marine Raiders also come at a time in which the Republic of China Marine Corps is being strengthened in order to enhance the country’s amphibious warfare capabilities as tensions between Taipei and Beijing continue to rise.